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Technology has become the buzzword of the modern world. It has become the order of the day in recent times. Technology has covered almost all spheres of our lives. Restaurant Industry is no exception and has benefited largely with the advent of technology. The entire Dining experience has undergone a paradigm shift with the influx of technology. The dynamics of both the Customer and the Restaurateur has changed drastically.

There are a number of ways in which the Technology boom has completely turnaround the Restaurant Industry. We have picked the top 5 Technological innovations for giving a fillip to any Restaurant. These are indispensable for any Restaurant who wants to dip their toes in the Ocean of Digital Marketing and Technology.

  • reservation-system1Booking System: The Online Booking and Sales has given an impetus to the Restaurant has helped both the Customers as well as the Restaurateurs by easing the process using Technology. With just a few clicks you can now book your table as per your convenience. The Online Booking system has proved quite handy for a Customer. It saves their time due to quick response time. Earlier the Customers had to visit the Restaurant physically for booking their table. It was too tedious and time consuming. The Online Booking has helped the restaurateur by making it quicker and precise. It has also helped them in better Capacity Management.Thanks to the Technology which has made it so easy and simple.


  • Feedback Management System: It has provided an effective means to the Restaurateur to gauge their quality of meals and services. It is set in motion by receiving online inputs from the customers.
    The Online Feedback System provides a real time feedback to the Restaurateur. It helps them to analyse and evaluate all their operations. It acts as a Management Information System. It improves their efficiency and they are able to deliver their best to their clients. The Customers are also benefitted by the Online Feedback System. The Online System speeds up the response time and all their complaints and suggestions are entertained quickly. It has led to a better Dining experience with every feedback received. In earlier times the feedback given by a Customer was through pen and paper which was cumbersome for them as well as the Restaurateur.


  • Digital Loyalty Programme: It is one of the best ways to increase and retain the Customer base for the Restaurant industry. It gives immense benefits to the customers too by giving them attractive offers and various benefits. The program helps to tailor, make promotions for each customer base during their special days and occasions like birthday, anniversary, small weddings, reunions etc. It has gained currency in the recent times and has helped the Restaurant Industry to hold on their customers. It is a cost effective and technology helps to analyse, evaluate the effectiveness of each activity. loyalty-card-post


  • Promotional Text Messaging: It is one of the most convenient and quick ways to connect to your Customers. Text messages can be used to send various coupons and promotions to increase your business. It is really a cost effective means for Marketing and Advertising. It also helps in enhancing revenue and accruing other benefits.


  • Social Wi fi: Guest Wi-Fi has become an important and “must have” feature for every Restaurant in recent times. It helps all the restaurant goers to access “free Wi-Fi”. It also benefits the Restaurateurs by having an access to all the social activities of their Customers during their Dining experience. Technology assists in acquiring the customer records too, with simple analytics which helps in future customer communication.

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