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D. Prasad - Director

We have had the pleasure to work with a digital marketing agency called Digitalplus24x7, headed by Sachin Bajpai, that specialize in the website design, email and social marketing, branding and promotions. They have worked with us from the conceptualization stage of Dhoom to all the way through where we are positioned as a strong and recognized brand in the marketplace.
The hard working and quirky team have been an integral part of our success story and nothing less than a business partner for us.
It gives me great pleasure to acknowledge that, during my career span of launching over 40 restaurants, Digitalplus24x7 are one of the best marketing professionals I have come across and had the opportunity to work with. Their smart and refreshing marketing ideas have been instrumental in helping Dhoom win the prestigious Scottish Curry awards for the “Best New comer " category in 2019 for the whole of Scotland!
We highly recommend Digitalplus24x7 for any hospitality operators in the UK

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Jaimon - Director

Digitalplus24x7 was head hunted for the purpose of launching Zen Metro due to their fine reputation in the field of social media.Having taken over the social media sited from April 2016, Digitalplus24x7 worked with us for a year. During this time, Facebook likes went from 800 to 3200, twitter impressions reached all time high, our twitter campaign during the launch of Zen
Metro was trending on TOP 5 trends in UK for few hours, launched our Instagram and pinterest pages and the email campaigns were consistent and gathered great reach. The premier card programme initiated by Digitalplus24x7 saw great results and is still a big driving sales force at Zen.We highly recommend Digitalplus24x7 for the knowledge of the social media platforms, highly professional approach and always proactive in ideas. We will not hesitate contracting them again should the opportunity arises and we can highly recommend them to any companies seeking to progress and expand
their business.

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Saurabh - General Manager

Digitalplus24x7 gave us the right direction & innovative marketing approach. The team is superb and understand and manage all our campaign within the brand guidelines. The new website that they created has helped us with great brand awareness and online presence. We look forward to strengthening our partnership with them.

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Sal - Business Partner

It is now more than two years since we are associated with Digitalplus24x7 and we congratulate them for all the hard work. They provide us with an excellent guest loyalty program and we find their booking system very user friendly. Apart from this their Social media team is doing amazing work for us, they are managing all our social accounts and generating digital leads for us.

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Sindy - Director

A year on, we have grown from strength to strength with Digitalplus24x7 developing our business, and transforming it into something truly unique. The team is brilliant, hard-working and extremely helpful and they helped us mature our business, its website and a booking system into something utterly amazing. We are happy with what they developed for our customer feedback.


Ash - Director

We used to work with 5 different companies and now it is so convenient and efficient to have them as our one stop shop for all our digital marketing, point of sale requirement as well as our booking system. They have done an amazing job in creating and campaigning our new website with a new look and feel.

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Vinay - Director

Our tie-up with digital plus for over a year has really worked well for us. It has enhanced our efficiency by providing all the customized solutions to all our specific needs and requirements in a timely and cost effective manner. All our expectations are met fully by the professional and spirited team of digital plus to the core.

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