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In today’s era when instant communication has become the order of the day, the dependence of business on social media is the norm. However, in this backdrop it needs to be used thoughtfully and strategically to infuse and spread the information to the target audience in an effective way.

As per Global Survey in Jan’18 it is found that 5.6 million men and 5.6 million women between the age group of 25 to 34 years are active on Facebook in UK, as per statistical reports there were 8.6 million Twitter users in 2012 and it was predicted that there will be 17.1 million twitter users in the United Kingdom by 2018. It was also foretold that Twitter use among the age group of 65 years of age and older will increase by 13.2 percent in 2018. It is forecasted that by 2021, 13.2 million of folks in the UK will use Instagram that embodies 19.2% of the population.

So, in summary these data suggest the significance & penetration of social media in today’s fast paced world. Increasingly social media is the virtual world where we exist, no wonder there are over 3 billion Social Media users around the globe, which is almost half of the global population.

Here are some simple social media tips for small businesses including restaurants:

  • Don’t delete negative feedback : On social media everything is exposed and widely available and if ever you receive negative feedback, never ever delete it because pressing the cursor on delete is not the solution instead you should provide resolution to the user, in cases where profanity is used then it is advised to politely pacify the user.
  • Let your loyal followers Speak for you : Remember that most of the people who like your organization are liking and following your page and if someone deliberately put filthy remarks then your loyal fan base will surely defend you, so let your supporters pour their dearest love.
  • Friendly interaction : Social Media is not all about posting and advertising yourself but it is also about building relations with the customer, forming a liaison that goes on, there should be a sort of personal and human touch whenever you revert to the customer and note that automated reverts are the BIG NO!
  • Being Proactive is the Key : Being active does not work in Social Media, you are advised and assumed to be proactive because as soon as you receive message or comment from the client place a revert, reply shouldn’t exceed the time limit of 24 hours.
  • Public altercation should be avoided : If an individual comes with a complaint and demonstrates an aggressive behavior try to pacify him, if he doesn’t cool down, try to get on to the private message & make him understand the issue politely, never be rude to the client, not even in the private message, client can even take screenshot of the private message and air it in public, so be careful with your reverts and play smartly with the customer.
  • Engaging Posts : Your posts should be fascinating, they should catch the eye balls of every individual. Catchy and hilarious posts always lead to good level of reach and engagement.
  • Take feedback seriously : If the same feedback keeps on popping up again and again. Try to look for a proper resolution and answer the complaints in a prudent manner and make it sure that the same issue never take place again.
  • Conduct contests : We should keep on running contests like quiz, riddle, etc. on our social media pages, the winner should be selected from the bunch of people who gave right answer and then rewarded appropriately. This will accelerate the engagement level manifolds.
  • Choose your content wisely : Whatever content you post on Social media is read by masses in huge numbers and whatever you mention in the copy should make sense, it should be backed with facts and must be engaging, so that the results are fruitful for both organization and customer.
  • Play with videos : Gone are the days when content was the King, new age is of Video marketing, now a days videos are taking Centre stage in Social Media, rather than plain content or imagery, one should go for small gifs or videos, that are way more attractive and go viral in no time.
  • Boost your content : Promotion of organic content plays a significant role but it is required to be done in a smart way, firstly you have to identify the top performing post and the target audience, once it is done boost the post to get more traffic through target audience.

So, these are handy tips hope you find them useful. Wishing you all the luck to start your Social Media journey, trust us, it’s Cool, if you are a people’s person. If you found this interesting please share and comment this space……….

Sharing is caring!
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